About Flutter Interact Abuja

Flutter Interact, a conference for UI and front-end developers and designers hosted in Brooklyn. With viewing parties around the world, everyone can be a part of this interactive event that focuses on sharing ideas, experimenting and crafting beautiful experiences across devices.

Who is Speaking?

Facilitators of the day


Software Engineer


Software Engineer


Software Engineer


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Event Schedule

  • Time
  • 9.00 AM
    speaker-thumb-one Speaker 1
    Introduction to Flutter
  • 10.00 AM
    speaker-thumb-two Speaker 2
    Flutter Interact Livestream/Talk Recordings
  • 12.00 AM
    speaker-thumb-three Break
    Lunch Break
  • 1.00 PM
    speaker-thumb-four Watch
    Watch Flutter Interact Keynote
  • 3.00 PM
    speaker-thumb-four Speaker
    Dartpad Playthings Activity CodeLabs
8 Speakers
200 + Seats
200 tickets
1 day event

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