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About Codenovation

Codenovation is a unified technologically-driven platform that combines technology with an innovative approach to solve social challenges. A technology-driven platform that harnesses on the use of technology in addressing social issues. We are dedicated to 'closing the technology-talent gap globally’, specifically for children and women, while creating new opportunities for talents.

We create platform for kids to learn how to code at a tender age. The campaign enables African kids to learn how to code and have access to technologies, tools, and resources to enhance smooth learning at a tender age. African kids have major setbacks in learning programming at a tender age and lack resources and tools that can facilitate smooth learning. We want every kid in the world to be excited about the many possibilities technologies can unlock for themselves, for their communities and for society. Everyone should have the opportunity to learn computer science at a tender age and beyond. This campaign aims at solving this challenge outrightly.

Codenovation also host tech events, tech campaigns, hackathons, seminars and more that harness on the use of technology for addressing the social issue.

Face of Codenovation

Meet our amazing Ambassadors and Mentors who has contributed immensely to tech Ecosystem

Jonathan Franco

Project Manager

Adetayo James

Senior Software Developer


Community Mgr

Abati Adewale

Web Developer

Jad Joubran

Google Developer Expert



Ajah David

Project Manager

Slick Akinrolie

Serial Community Manager

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